Best Covid-19 House Cleaning Tips in San Antonio

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Isn’t it quite a challenge fighting an invisible enemy?  The Maid Effect is dishing up the best Covid-19 House Cleaning Tips in San Antonio

With so much uncertainty, it is vital that you take every bit of precaution. Why is it essential that you keep cleaning your house? According to Cleveland Clinic, the virus can survive on various surfaces for a few hours or even days. The risk of contracting the virus from the surfaces reduces depending on the frequency of cleaning the surfaces.

So, how do you clean the surfaces to keep Covid-19 at bay?

Clean your hands  

According to the WHO, corona virus is spread through contact and respiratory droplets. When you go out shopping to do your shopping or buy your groceries, you may contact contaminated surfaces.

The same can happen at the ATM or other public places.

As such, the first tip towards keeping your house clean is keeping your hands clean. That way, you minimize the chances of touching your mouth and nose and also contaminating other surfaces.

How do you clean your hands?

You should clean your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Alternatively, you can sanitize your hands using a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

When should you clean your hands?

  •          After sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose
  •          Before and after taking care of someone who requires help
  •          After removing gloves and after taking care of a sick person
  •          Before preparing food and eating
  •          After using the restroom

Moisturizing your skin also comes in handy in keeping the infections at bay. Dry and cracked skin puts you at a higher risk of getting infections. You can use moisturizing lotions or dermatologist recommended lotions if your hands are extra dry.    

Clean the frequently touched surfaces

Which are the most frequently touched surfaces in your house?

Is it the doorknobs, tables, light switches, sinks, toilets, or handles?

The high touch surfaces are at a higher chance of getting contaminated and infecting your loved ones.

How do you effectively clean the surfaces in the house?

You can start by cleaning the surfaces with soap and water. This helps to reduce the germs on the surfaces. After that, you can disinfect the surfaces to kill the germs.

Disinfecting the surfaces in the house

Disinfecting your house also helps to keep Covid-19 at bay.

Should you use any disinfectant?

For the best results, you should disinfect using a household disinfectant on list N. List N disinfectants are used against SARs-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes Covid-19.

You can also use products with a 60% alcohol content. However, you should avoid vinegar and other natural products.

Ensure that you follow all the instructions on the product to ensure the safe use of the product.

If you wipe off the disinfectant immediately after applying it, it may not be effective. Consider leaving it wet on the surface for some minutes before wiping it out.

Mobile phones and other electronics may get damaged by the improper use of the product. It would be best if you use wipe able covers for your electronics.

As a safety precaution, don’t use the product on your pets. You should never drink, eat, breathe, or inject the product into your body. If you are asthmatic, avoid the use of disinfectants in your house as they may trigger asthma exacerbation.

Ventilation, Filtration, and HVAC     

Is the air in your home pure? Your house’s cleanliness also entails air quality.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, proper ventilation, filtration, and air conditioning minimize the concentration of SARs-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid-19.  

Do you want to enhance the ventilation in your house? Here are some tips:

  •          Open the windows to allow for the free flow of air
  •          If your HVAC system has an outside air intake, open it
  •          Use a window air conditioner with an outdoor air intake
  •          When the bathroom is in use, operate a bathroom fan. You can operate the fan continuously if possible
  •          Don’t open the windows or operate the fan if the outdoor air pollution is high. Also, ensure that the air from outside doesn’t make your home too humid, hot, or cold

The HVAC system purifies the air when the fan is operating. As such, ensure that the fan is running even when no cooling or heating is needed. Also, ensure that your HVAC system is fully operational. You can also upgrade to the best quality fan that your system can allow.

With proper use, air purifiers can help in minimizing airborne contaminants.

Cleaning the room of a sick person

If you have a person infected with Covid-19 in the house, then they should be separated from everybody else as much as possible.

If possible, they should use a separate bedroom and bathroom.

Should you clean the room of a sick person?

You should only clean the room when there is a need to minimize contact with the person. Perhaps if the room is soiled. If you want to clean the house, ensure you use disposable gloves.

As much as possible, the sick person should clean their room. You can provide cleaning supplies such as disinfectants and other personal items such as tissues and towels.

If you share a bathroom, then the sick person should disinfect the bathroom immediately after use. If that is not possible, you should wait for as long as possible before cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom.   

Cleaning the soft surfaces

Can the virus survive on carpets or rugs?

Since carpets and rags are made of various fabrics and exist in different environments, they can allow the virus to survive even for days.

To keep the virus at bay, you can clean the carpet or rugs with soap and water or appropriate cleaners. You should also use the warmest water possible.

Plus, you can also disinfect the carpet using a household disinfectant on list N, the disinfectant used against SARs-CoV-2.

Final thoughts

If you want to keep corona virus at bay, you should make it a habit to keep your house clean. Using water and soap to clean the surfaces in the home helps a lot in fighting the virus. You should also use appropriate disinfectants to kill the virus.  If you’re looking for more of the Best Covid-19 House Cleaning Tips in San Antonio, stay tuned for more articles and blog content. 

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